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IndiSI Results

Learn more about the results of our measurement and our measurement approach.

IndiSI Publications

Soziale Innovation

Organisational Innovativeness

Report on the results of the first survey of organisational social innovation in the Rhine-Ruhr region (in German only).


Regional Innovation Capacity

Results of the population survey and secondary data analysis for the survey of innovation capacities in the Rhine-Ruhr region (in German only).


Resonance Analysis

Results of the testing of a new measurement instrument using social media (in German only).

Cover Codebuch

IndiSI Codebook

The IndiSI Codebook summarises the indicators and measurement approaches of the three levels "Organisational Innovativeness", "Regional Innovation Capacities", and "Resonance Analysis" as well as the IndiSI Framework Mode (in German only.

Atlas of SI

Indicators for Measuring SI

Addressing a largely underexplored research field, this article centres on the development of indicators to grasp social innovation at different analytical levels to position social innovation in the broader field of innovation.