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Das Team

Judith Terstriep

Dr. Judith Terstriep

Social innovations are a crucial component of successful mission-oriented innovation and research policy. Hence, the measurement of social innovations is indispensable for assessing progress towards a sustainable transformation of the economy and society.

Laura-Fee Wloka

Laura-Fee Wloka

Social innovations serve the implementation of the SDGs and contribute to a sustainable way of life.

Juan Sebastian Rico Palacios

Juan Sebastián Rico Palacios

Social innovations are as diverse as their transformation potential. To make the failure and success of initiatives empirically tangible is to catalyse promising practices.

Georg Mildenberger

Dr. Georg Mildenberger

Social innovations grow in, through and with civil society. Unveiling how we can strengthen this relationship is therefore essential for the future viability of our society. However, to do this, we need to understand better which actors can become productive under which conditions.


Dr. Gorgi Krlev

Social innovations are key to sustainable development. Only if we understand the conditions under which they emerge can we promote them in a targeted manner. That is why measuring social innovation capacity is so important.


Imke Maier-Lohmann

Social innovations are happening right before our eyes but have hardly been measured. Capturing and understanding these activities and potentials enhances the visibility and recognition of actors who so far remain hidden.

Simone Strambach

Prof. Dr. Simone Strambach

Social innovations and alternative economies offer new opportunities to address the societal challenges of sustainable transformation. We need new methods to capture them, make them visible and promote them.

Jan-Frederik Thurman

Jan-Frederik Thurmann

Social innovations arise from societal challenges that differ spatially and contextually. Thus, to successfully promote social innovations, measurement tools are needed that can capture this context-specificity at different levels.